The eSTREAM Project

Technical Background

The ECRYPT NoE is interested in stream cipher proposals suited to at least one of the stream cipher PROFILES listed below:

  1. PROFILE 1.
    • Stream ciphers for software applications with high throughput requirements.
  2. PROFILE 2.
    • Stream ciphers for hardware applications with restricted resources such as limited storage, gate count, or power consumption.
Some have emphasized the importance of including an authentication method and so two further profiles are also proposed:
  1. PROFILE 1A.
    • Stream ciphers satisfying PROFILE 1 with an associated authentication method.
  2. PROFILE 2A.
    • Stream ciphers satisfying PROFILE 2 with an associated authentication method.

To launch this initiative, algorithm designers were invited to submit new stream cipher proposals eSTREAM. The original Call for Primitives is archived here .

The call resulted in 34 candidates to eSTREAM. These designs are now publicly available, and as part of the first phase of evaluation (see the timetable of eSTREAM) feedback to ECRYPT is encouraged. In particular, ECRYPT welcomes results on the security and performance of these primitives.

Note that the ECRYPT NoE is not a standardisation body. Instead the ECRYPT NoE will manage information related to submitted stream cipher proposals. This will provide a resource for developers, implementers, and researchers alike and will consist of specifications, implementation information, and research results. At notable points during the process, ECRYPT will prepare and publish updates on the progress of the submitted algorithms.