The eSTREAM Project

eSTREAM Portfolio

The following algorithms have been selected as eSTREAM portfolio.

The eSTREAM Portfolio (revision 1) (September 2008)

The eSTREAM portfolio has been revised and the portfolio now contains the following ciphers:

Profile 1 (SW)
Profile 2 (HW)
HC-128 Grain v1
Rabbit MICKEY v2
Salsa20/12 Trivium

The eSTREAM portfolio was revised on September 8, 2008. Details of this first revision can be found here.

The eSTREAM Portfolio (April 2008)

Note: Some algorithms have companion versions supporting key lengths other than 128 bits for SW and 80 bits for HW. These are mentioned below and links are provided via the relevant pages.

Profile 1 (SW)
Profile 2 (HW)
HC-128 F-FCSR v2
Rabbit Grain v1
Salsa20 MICKEY v2