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The computational problems are classified under several headings (for example, ``Discrete Logarithms``, ``Factoring`` etc). Computational problems which arise in pairing-based cryptography but which do not actually require a pairing should be placed under the heading ``Product Groups``. If you can't decide which heading is appropriate for the problem you are entering then put it in ``Miscellaneous`` and, eventually, the wiki mangers will move it.

The basic structure of a problem is as shown below and we advise you to simply copy this to start writing a new problem.

If you want to enter a new problem, you have to come up with 3 strings:

  • problem_id: this is the ID of the problem and should be unique, written in lower case letters and without white space.
  • PROBLEM ACRONYM: abbreviation of the problem name, should be written in capitals (some exceptions apply) and most importantly, it should be pure HTML, so no maths environment. If you require special typesetting (such as sub or supscript) then use HTML for this.
  • Problem name: full name of the problem.


===== <span id="problem_id" style="color:red">PROBLEM ACRONYM</span>: Problem name  =====



Use in cryptography:


* Reference 1
* Reference 2

Formatting rules

The formatting rules for the text are very simple:

  • if you are in the Reductions section then see below
  • otherwise: any mathematical symbol will need to be inside a math environment (<math> </math>) and you can use any standard LaTeX lingo inside this environment.

Formatting rules for the Reductions section

In this section it is mandatory to use HTML to actually define the reductions of the problems, since you want people to be able to click on the problem name. As a typical example, we give the following:

[[Pairings#lwdbdhi|l-wDBDHI<sub>i,j</sub>]] &le;<sub>P</sub>[[Pairings#lwbdhi|l-wBDHI<sub>i,j</sub>]]

Note that everything is written in HTML (including the less than or equal sign with subscript P). For the problems involved in the reduction one needs to follow the media-wiki structure of linking, so this would be:

[[Name_of_category#problem_id|PROBLEM ACRONYM]]
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