Name Author(s) Description
ARX Toolkit Gaëtan Leurent The ARX toolkit is a set of tools to study ARX ciphers and hash functions
ASCAtoCNF Mathieu Renauld Simulating Algebraic Side-Channel Attacks (ASCA)
Automated Algebraic Cryptanalysis Paul Stankovski A simple tool for the automatic algebraic cryptanalysis of a large array of stream- and block ciphers
BMW Compression Function Distinguishers Jian Guo and Søren S. Thomsen Deterministic Differential Properties of the BMW Compression Function
CodingTool Library Tomislav Nad Tool for cryptanalysis based on coding theory
CryptLogVer Paweł Morawiecki, Marian Srebrny, Mateusz Srebrny Toolkit for SAT-based attacks on cryptographic primitives
Grain of Salt Mate Soos An automated way to test stream ciphers through SAT solvers
Hashclash Marc Stevens Framework for MD5 & SHA-1 Differential Path Construction and Chosen-Prefix Collisions for MD5
Hybrid Approach Luk Bettale, Jean-Charles Faugère, Ludovic Perret Hybrid Approach for Solving Multivariate Polynomial Systems over Finite Fields
Information Set Decoding ISD dev team A tool for information set decoding
KeccakTools Guido Bertoni, Joan Daemen, Michaël Peeters, Gilles Van Assche A set of documented C++ classes to help analyze Keccak-f
Linear Hull Cryptanalysis of PRESENT Bingsheng Zhang A tool to compute linear hulls for PRESENT
Sage Multiple Free open-source mathematics software system, also containing many modules for cryptography
Sage S-box MILP toolkit Laura Winnen Extension of the Toolkit for Counting Active S-boxes using Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP)
Salsa20 Differential Cryptanalysis Proof Nicky Mouha A Proof that the ARX Cipher Salsa20 is Secure against Differential Cryptanalysis
S-box MILP toolkit Nicky Mouha Toolkit for Counting Active S-boxes using Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP)
S-function Toolkit Nicky Mouha, Vesselin Velichkov, Christophe De Cannière, Bart Preneel Toolkit for the differential cryptanalysis of S-functions
SYMAES Vesselin Velichkov, Vincent Rijmen, Bart Preneel A Fully Symbolic Polynomial System Generator for AES-128
Tools for Algebraic Cryptanalysis Martin Albrecht Tools for the algebraic cryptanalysis of cryptographic primitives

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