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Welcome to ECRYPT II Tools for Cryptography

This website contains a collection of tools related to cryptography. See the overview page for a list of all tools. The about page contains more information on this initiative, and instructions for submitting your own tool. Recently added tools are … Continue reading

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A Fully Symbolic Polynomial System Generator for AES-128 Authors: Vesselin Velichkov, Vincent Rijmen, Bart Preneel Download: Documentation: SYMAES is a software tool that generates a system of polynomials in GF(2), corresponding to the round transformation and key schedule … Continue reading

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Tools for Algebraic Cryptanalysis

Tools for the algebraic cryptanalysis of cryptographic primitives Author: Martin Albrecht Download: Documentation: Algebraic cryptanalysis of cryptographic primitives such as block ciphers, stream ciphers and hash functions usually proceeds in two steps. (A) The algorithm is expressed as a … Continue reading

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Hybrid Approach

Hybrid Approach for Solving Multivariate Polynomial Systems over Finite Fields Authors: Luk Bettale, Jean-Charles Faugère, Ludovic Perret Website: The Hybrid Approach is an improved approach to solve multivariate systems over finite fields. Our approach is a tradeoff between exhaustive … Continue reading

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Grain of Salt

An automated way to test stream ciphers through SAT solvers Author: Mate Soos Website: Grain of Salt is a tool developed to automatically test stream ciphers against standard SAT solver-based attacks. The tool takes as input a set of … Continue reading

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Free open-source mathematics software system, also containing many modules for cryptography Authors: Multiple Download: Documentation: Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL. It combines the power of many existing open-source packages into a … Continue reading

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CodingTool Library

Tool for cryptanalysis based on coding theory Author: Tomislav Nad Website: The CodingTool library is a new collection of tools to use techniques from coding theory in cryptanalysis. It is completely independent from other libraries and can be used … Continue reading

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Simulating Algebraic Side-Channel Attacks (ASCA) Author: Mathieu Renauld Download: ASCAtoCNF.jar Documentation: ASCAtoCNF is a tool that provides the user with a quick way to simulate an ASCA with a data complexity of 1 to 9. The user specifies the target … Continue reading

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