SASC 2008 - The State of the Art of Stream Ciphers

Special Workshop hosted by the ECRYPT Network of Excellence
Lausanne, Switzerland, February 13-14, 2008

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Workshop Record

There will be a workshop record for SASC 2008 and all papers presented at SASC 2008 will be included. It is also hoped that attendees at SASC 2008 will receive (after the workshop) a copy of a book on the eSTREAM finalists that is currently in preparation.

To ensure a good succession of talks, it is important that authors ensure that their presentation is on the ECRYPT laptop before the start of their session. They can either email their presentation to or bring it on a memory stick. It is preferable not to have to switch laptops during the presentation.


There will be time for discussion during the workshop. We will announce more details on this shortly. If you have any suggestions for discussion topics, please send an email to

Rump Session

There will be the possibility to present new results or give updates on algorithms at the rump session. If you wish to present something, please send an email to or talk to the organisers on the first conference day.