SASC 2008 - The State of the Art of Stream Ciphers

Special Workshop hosted by the ECRYPT Network of Excellence
Lausanne, Switzerland, February 13-14, 2008

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Call for Participation

Below is a html version of the Call for Participation. You can also download a pdf version here.

SASC 2008 is the fourth ECRYPT workshop dedicated to the state of the art of stream ciphers. The first workshop, organized in October 2004, discussed general security aspects of stream ciphers, the second and third workshops were mostly concerned with eSTREAM candidates. SASC 2008 will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas about all aspects of stream ciphers. Particular attention will be focused on submissions to eSTREAM and we expect papers and discussions at SASC 2008 to be helpful in identifying the most promising stream ciphers in the final phase.

Submissions to SASC 2008 are encouraged on any topic related to stream ciphers. These might include, but are not limited to:

We also encourage submissions that question or comment upon:

To avoid submissions to SASC 2008 from conflicting with submissions to forthcoming conferences with proceedings, SASC 2008 will have no formal proceedings though there will be a research record.

More details on the program committee, submission procedures, and workshop logistics are available via this site.

Important Dates: