Special Workshop hosted by the ECRYPT Network of Excellence

SASC - The State of the Art of Stream Ciphers

Presentations given at SASC

Some of the slides presented at the workshop have kindly been made available by SASC speakers.

Thursday October 14, 2004

The Rabbit Stream Cipher - Design and Security Analysis
M. Boesgaard, T. Pedersen, M. Vesterager, and E. Zenner

New Class of Single Cycle T-functions and a Stream Cipher Proposal
J. Hong, D.H. Lee, Y. Yeom, and D. Han

The COSvd Ciphers
E. Filiol, C. Fontaine, and S. Josse

The Bit-Search Generator
A. Gouget and H. Sibert

The Mundja Streaming MAC
P. Hawkes, M. Paddon, and G. Rose

The Sandia Optical Data Scrambler
R. Schroeppel, J. Tang, and P. Robertson

Stream Cipher Design: Make Your LFSRs jump!
C. Jansen

Design of New Pseudo Random Generators Based on a Filtered FCSR Automaton
F. Arnault and T. Berger

SEAL and SCREAM: Design Issues and Vulnerabilities
C. Jutla

International Standards for Stream Ciphers: A Progress Report
C. Mitchell and A. Dent

Differential Attacks and Stream Ciphers
F. Muller

Impossible and Differential Fault Analysis of RC4
E. Biham, L. Granboulan, and P. Nguyen

An Approach for Analysis of Stream Ciphers Based on Table-Shuffling
V. Tomaševic, S. Bojanic, and O. Nieto-Taladriz

Cryptanalysis of Stream Ciphers
W. Meier

Resistance of SNOW 2.0 Against Algebraic Attacks
O. Billet and H. Gilbert

On the Existence of Low-Degree Equations for Algebraic Attacks
F. Armknecht

Framework of a Novel Technique for Algebraic and Fast Correlation Attacks
M. Mihaljevic and H. Imai

Three Useful Design Considerations on Stream Ciphers Against Algebraic Attack
D. Moon, H.-S. Im, J. Sung, and S. Chee

Friday October 15, 2004

Distinguishing Attack with Chosen Initial Vector Against VSC128
Y. Tsunoo, T. Saito, K. Miyao, T. Suzaki, and T. Kawabata

A Lower Bound for the Linear Span of Filtering Sequences
C. Lam and G. Gong.

Combining Certain Nonlinear Feedback Shift Registers
B. Gammel and R. Göttfert

BBD-based Cryptanalysis of the A5/1 Keystream Generator
D. Stegemann

Stream Ciphers: What Does Industry Want?
S. Babbage

Hardware Requirements for Stream Ciphers
D. Watanabe, J. Kitahara, S. Furuya, and K. Takaragi

Requirements for Cryptographic Primitives
V. Nikov

Energy, Performance, Area versus Security Trade-Offs for Stream Ciphers
L. Batina, J. Lano, N. Mentens, S. Örs, B. Preneel, and I. Verbauwhede

Some Thoughts About Implementation Properties of Stream Ciphers
S. Kumar, K. Lemke, and C. Paar

Stream Ciphers: Dead or Alive?
A. Shamir

Stream Ciphers and Side-Channel Analysis
C. Rechberger and E. Oswald

Power Analysis of Synchronous Stream Ciphers
J. Lano, N. Mentens, B. Preneel, and I. Verbauwhede