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(dir) api/  122  11 years  cdecanni  * moved API header file templates to api/skel/.
(dir) benchmarks/  206  10 years  cdecanni  * disabled code which manipulates unaligned words on platforms for which this i...
(dir) configs/  116  11 years  cdecanni  * updated shortlists.
(dir) docs/  124  11 years  cdecanni  * added results from Bernstein's PowerPC.
(dir) include/  144  11 years  cdecanni  * imported altivec implementation of salsa20 and made some modifications to m...
(dir) scripts/  200  10 years  cdecanni  * fixed bug in script checking test vector.
(dir) submissions/  216  8 years  cdecanni  * corrected mismatch in profile.
(dir) test/  192  10 years  cdecanni  * included some of the portability improvements suggested by Bernstein.
(file) README  124  11 years  cdecanni  * added results from Bernstein's PowerPC.
(file) start  120  11 years  cdecanni  * cleaning up.
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