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ECRYPT-NET Events organized in the past

ECRYPT.NET Cloud Summer School

19-23 September 2016, Leuven (Belgium)

Organized by  BRIS Logo

Abstract: This school will focus on protocols for many parties, such as attestation for cloud services, attestation of location, attestation of retrievability, secure computation, attestation of computation, and security analysis of large and complex protocols. As complementary training a session will be dedicated to scientific writing.

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Workshop on Cryptography Design for the Internet of Things

14-15 July 2016, Leuven (Belgium)

Organized by  NXP Logo

Abstract: The workshop will have two pillars. One, the practical pillar, will focus on existing IoT solutions (including existing and upcoming cryptographic and security challenges). The other one, the theoretical pillar, will focus on current research in that area (new solutions for lightweight cryptography, cryptographic protocols for IoT or making nodes resilient against physical attacks).

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School on Design for Internet of Things

24-29 January 2016, Tenerife (Spain)

Organized by  KU Leuven Logo

Abstract: This school will focus on lightweight and low power crypto primitives, entity authentication protocols and distance bounding protocols. As complementary training a session will be dedicated to giving research presentations.

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