19-20 May 2011
Tallinn, Estonia
ECRYPT II Hash Workshop 2011


In view of the rapid developments in the theory, cryptanalysis, design and implementation of cryptographic hash functions, and the ongoing SHA-3 competition, the symmetric crypto lab (SymLab) of ECRYPT II organizes a dedicated workshop. The workshop will take place right after EUROCRYPT 2011. The aim of the workshop is to attract researchers and developers both from academia and industry. We especially encourage presentations and reports on preliminary work that the participants plan to publish later elsewhere.

Hash-2011 encourages submissions on any topic related to cryptographic hash functions. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • cryptanalysis of hash functions
  • theory of hash functions
  • design of hash functions
  • implementations of hash functions
  • reports on the deployment of hash functions in real-world applications

The event will take place at the Tallink Spa Hotel (Tallinn, Estonia) from May 19-20, 2011. This hotel a 15-minute walk away from the Eurocrypt 2011 venue (Sokos Hotel Viru). Note that there are several Tallink hotels. (In fact, Tallink City Hotel is just next to Viru Hotel, but this is not the correct hotel.)

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